Galmpton Village Fresh Foods Co-operative

*PLEASE NOTE: Some customers have reported issues with our order form. While we work to resolve the issue, please contact Galleon Stores direct on 01803 842148. We thank you for your patience.*

Galmpton Village Fresh Foods Cooperative is a new local delivery service, brought to you by Galleon Stores and Savill’s of Galmpton. Together, we are proud to offer quality fresh produce from local suppliers, delivered to your door.

Between us, we offer fresh fruit & veg, poultry and local meat, dairy, groceries, frozen food, wine, beer & spirits. For more details on Savills’ poultry and local meat, please visit

Free delivery for orders over £30. Payment will be on delivery. Deliveries are available Friday pm, but if this is not suitable for any reason, please ask about alternative evening deliveries.
To order, please complete the order form below. You will receive confirmation of your order by email or phone.

For any queries please contact

Alternatively, give us a call on 01803 842148 or call in and speak to a member of staff.

Galmpton Post Office

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