A wider range of quality cheeses available to order

In addition to a small selection of cheeses available in the shop, you can also place an order from a wider range of quality cheeses sourced from our wholesaler, south-west based Hawkridge Farmhouse Dairy.

Their extensive range includes cheeses from across Devon, Cornwall and Somerset in addition to those from further afield.

We’ve included some top picks below. For more information and to place an order, give us a call or email garydeare@aol.com.


Haytor – named after the most popular Tor on Dartmoor, this cheese with a natural rind is matured for 5 months. It is made at Stockbeare Farm north of Dartmoor and has a sweet nutty flavour which is intensified further if the cheese is aged. It can be used for cooking or simply on the cheeseboard at the end of a meal.

Norsworthy – a semi-hard, vegetarian unpasteurised goats’ cheese. This white cheese has a light crust and a long deep flavour.

Devon Oke – a traditional Curworthy matured for 5-6 months to concentrate its flavour, becoming tangy, more rounded and creamier.


Cornish Crumbly – a beautiful handmade Cornish Cheese, similar to a creamy Lancashire style cheese with a lively acidity, crumbly texture and creamy lemony flavour with a real zing on the finish. Goes well with sweety chutneys or fruit.

Trelawny – a traditional handmade Cornish farmhouse cheese with an edible natural mould rind. A clean lemony acidity and lovely creamy after taste.

Cornish Smuggler – this cheese has a beautiful red veining throughout the pate, and a natural edible mould rind. A creamy texture and beautifully balanced acidity make Cornish Smuggler an exciting, attractive addition to any cheeseboard.


Cricket St Thomas Brie – modern, creamy, soft white cheese made with cows’ milk. The bestselling British soft cheese with a velvety smooth white rind.

Wedmore – a small Somerset Caerphilly with a layer of fresh chives in the middle. Lightly pressed with a natural rind, both the cheese and the chives strengthen in flavour as the cheese matures. Made at Westcombe Farm.

Applewood – Westcountry Farmhouse Cheddar expertly blended with smoke flavouring and hand dusted with paprika for that signature look.

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