Deposit your paper £20 and £50 notes at Galleon Stores and Post Office

After the 30th September 2022, the Bank of England are withdrawing legal tender status of the paper £20 and £50 notes which will mean you are no longer able to spend these on the purchase of goods.

Did you know? You can deposit any paper £20 or £50 notes into your bank account at Galleon Stores and Post Office. All you will you need is your debit card.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with a member of staff in the shop or give us a call on 01803 842148.

Security features to protect you from new £20 counterfeit banknotes

With the recent issue of the new polymer £20 banknotes, The Post Office (2020) have shared a number of security features to help customers identify counterfeit notes. We’ve listed the top two below:


1. Hologram image change

Tilt the note from side to side. Check the words change between ‘Twenty’ and ‘Pounds’.


2. See-through windows

Look at the metallic image over the main window. Check the foil is blue and gold on the front of the note and silver on the back.


Look for a second, smaller window in the bottom corner of the note.

The Bank of England provides more information on security features to keep an eye out for. Visit their dedicated webpage on the new £20 note

Access business banking at Galmpton Post Office

Calling all local businesses! Don’t forget that you can access a range of business banking account services at Galmpton Post Office. From cash withdrawals and balance enquiries to cash and cheque deposits, pop in store for friendly, local service.

Do you have a question regarding business banking services at Galmpton Post Office? Come in and ask a member of staff, or give us a call on 01803 842148.

Banking services for all at Galmpton Post Office

Good news! If you belong to a high street bank for personal or business banking, you can now access a range of services at Galmpton Post Office; including paying in and withdrawing cash, and depositing cheques.

Co-op business banking services

Good news for co-op business customers; the Post Office has extended its range of banking services available to you from Galmpton Post Office.

Some of the new benefits include cash withdrawals, balance enquiries and cash deposits by debit card – previously only available to Co-op personal customers.

Any questions? Pop in store and speak to Gary or give us a call on 01803 842148.

Additional services for HSBC business banking customers

It’s good news for HSBC business banking customers! The bank has recently made some changes to business banking, providing additional services to HSBC customers.  The changes will mean that in addition to cash you can also now pay in cheques at the Galmpton Post Office counter. Ask in store for more information.

Galmpton Village Bank @ Galleon Stores

Local bank closures have been booming lately, but following last year’s agreement with all the major banks, Galleon Stores customers will now be able to access banking services through the Post Office. Galleon Stores is proud to be the Village Bank for our community, providing counter services for all types of accounts (personal, business, charities, clubs and societies) seven days a week.

Ask us what we can do to help you with your banking needs, or go to  to find out which banking services we can provide for you.

Galmpton Post Office

Click here for our article on the future of Galmpton Post Office.

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