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Galmpton Wildlife Corridor project

A number of people have already come forward to register their interest in the Galmpton Wildlife Corridor project, which aims to work together to create wildlife corridors interconnecting throughout Galmpton village, to encourage the movement of all local wildlife.

We are still looking for more people to get involved in the project, please contact us here if you are interested or have any questions.

Great British September Clean 11-27 September

Gary was reminded of the national Keep Britain Tidy event last week whilst watching a young family on Thurlestone. Instead of the usual family beach activities, the children were hunting for rubbish in the sand and seaweed and eagerly returning to their parents who had the rubbish bags.

If anyone is thinking of organising an event locally, let us know! We can support you with posters, handouts and use of our social media to spread the word, simply contact us here or phone 01803 842148.

Galmpton Wildlife Corridor

The Galmpton Wildlife Corridor project is a group of like-minded people in the community working together to create wildlife corridors interconnecting throughout the village, to encourage movement of all local wildlife.

Would you or anyone you know be interested in getting involved and hearing more about the project? Pop in and speak to Gary or Kay, phone 01803 842148 or email

An update on recycling

It has been difficult to make further progress with our recycling efforts over the last few months, but we still have a vision and are committed to reducing the use of plastic packaging and waste across the store.

Even at the present time, any plastic wrapping for products purchased from the Galleon Stores range can still be recycled in store – via our dedicated recycling box.

All Hallett’s the Bakers bread wrappings can be also returned to store.

We continue to offer top-up services for liquid hand soap from the counter and, as lockdown eases, this service will soon be available for cleaning type materials including varieties of Ecover washing up liquid, non-bio laundry liquid, fabric softener and disinfectant.

Donations to Brixham Food Bank through Galleon Stores

We are pleased to share we are now working with Brixham Food Bank to allow our customers to support those in need of their services.

All you need to do is arrange with us to credit your account up to a value of your choice. Based on the list of appropriate groceries that has been shared with us, we will then arrange supplies up to this value, to be delivered and donated on your behalf.

Alternatively, you can ask to round up your bill and we will use the remaining value towards a donation.  

For more information, give us a call on 01803 842148 or contact us here.

Recycle your Galleon Stores branded plastic packaging in store, plus new top-up service for liquid hand soap

This month we’ve been making some further changes to reduce our plastic waste, as part of our ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability.

All plastic packaging from the new Galleon Stores branded dried fruit, seeds and nuts, cereal, herbs & spices and confectionary (organic or not) can now be recycled in store. And, the most popular items from our own brand will be available in kilner jars, with absolutely no plastic packaging.

Looking for an item that we don’t have as a stock line? Let us know and we will make every effort to order the item in for you. 

Liquid hand soap is also now available as a top-up service; simply bring in an empty container to refill. 

As always, we really appreciate your support with introducing new initiatives, so please do pass the good news on! 

Any questions? Pop in and speak to Gary or Kay, or give us a call on 01803 842148. 

Happy New Year and a look back at 2019

Happy New Year to all our customers from Gary, Kay and all the staff.

We introduced a number of initiatives in 2019 to reduce our plastic waste and develop a more environmentally friendly, sustainable business. The initiatives covered areas such as packaging, gardening, new products and more.

We’ve included some of our key initiatives below:

  • Milk, juice, yoghurts and milkshakes now sold in glass bottles
  • Returnable plastic bags for our bread from Hallett’s The Bakers
  • Support local wildlife – advice on feeding, gardening and corridors
  • Sheep wool compost to replace peat and coir varieties
  • One plastic container for life with new top-up cleaning products
  • Palm oil and cruelty free, vegan soaps and shampoos
  • Beeswax for DIY reusable wraps, homemade soaps and candles

A big thank you to our customers for supporting us in these initiatives throughout 2019. We hope that you will continue to support our plans in 2020 and are keen for you to share any feedback and suggestions for other initiatives you would like us to introduce.

For more information, pop in and speak to Gary or Kay, give us a call or contact us here. You can also keep up to date with new initiatives on our dedicated page here.

Buy Peat Free compost for planting time at Galleon Stores

As we approach planting time in the UK, have you considered what compost you will be using? Concerns have been growing for many years now over the environmental impacts of using peat-based composts. See this article for example, on a 2010 consultation by the government to phase out horticultural use of peat.

At the end of last year, we introduced varieties of Peat Free Wool Compost from Dalefoot Composts available at £7.99 per 30L bag. Made from a blend of sheep’s wool and bracken, the compost is made wholly in the UK and is a ‘professional growing medium with consistent performance and reliable results. Read more on Why Peat Free? here.

Based in Cumbria, in addition to the sale of peat-free composts Dalefoot are also working on restoration projects more locally. They shared an update on one of their current restoration projects on Dartmoor:

‘The site on Dartmoor that we are restoring is a former peat works complete with its very own railway siding which connected the moors through to the main railway line. The work we are doing on the site has consisted of manipulating the hydrology of the site to raise the water table instead of diverting water off the site all the time. This will allow peat forming vegetation to grow in the small pools that are now visible on the site as further drains continue to be blocked. We are undertaking this restoration work using specially adapted diggers and machinery that can track over the peatland without degrading it further.

Results of this restoration work will consist of locking up carbon back into the bog rather than releasing it, better quality water that comes off the moors and then down into the water table, natural flood management as well as restoration of a uniquely important eco-system for biodiversity and flora.’

You can find out more about the work that is being done to protect peatland here.

Any questions? Pop in and speak to Gary, give us a call or contact us here.

Galmpton Post Office

Click here for our article on the future of Galmpton Post Office.

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