How customers can support Galleon Stores through 2022

Welcome to the New Year and thank you all for your support during these last two years. Together we have kept Galleon Stores and Post Office open at all times, allowing us to meet the various needs of the local community. A big thanks also goes to all of our staff, without whom this would not have been possible.

With restrictions having eased, our challenge for the coming year is to maintain the local support we have received. We will continue to offer a friendly, flexible service with a wide range of goods and services, and an emphasis on local, fresh and plastic/packaging free produce.

  • Check out our Market Stall for fresh, local fruit and vegetables, with monthly recommendations on best value and best in season on our website.
  • Use our top-up service, which offers refills on cleaning products including Ecover washing up liquid and fabric softener, Faith in Nature shampoo and conditioner, hand gel, disinfectant and hand soap
  • Browse our large range of locally baked breads and cakes
  • Support our local suppliers through buying wine and beer to jams and honey
  • Ask us about joining the Galleon 100 Club – a simple partnership between Galleon Stores and its customers to support our vision of a sustainable local shop
  • Post your letters and parcels, send returns and Click and Collect to support Galmpton Post Office. You can also access banking services, currency and buy travel and gift cards easily. 

To get involved and continue supporting your local shop, drop in to the shop during our opening hours. You can also give us a call on 01803 842148, or get in touch with Kay, Gary, Rose or Teresa if you have queries on any of these opportunities.

Galmpton Post Office
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