Ordering supplies from us during coronavirus – help us to help you

Now more than ever we are working hard to support our customers and the local community. While demand for orders increases week by week, we need your support to help ensure we can continue to do so.   

We would politely ask all new and existing customers placing orders for collection or delivery with us to:

  • Include your name, address and phone number on each order you place with us
  • Create a new email each time you place an order with us
  • Include your order within the body of the email and not as an attachment
  • Where possible, spread orders towards Tues/Weds slots (rather than Fri/Sat) where we have more capacity
  • Try to avoid requesting add-ons once your order has been placed
  • Phone during our revised opening hours if placing an order by phone – we are using the time outside of these hours to prepare deliveries

Please note: we do not deliver on Mondays to allow our staff and volunteers a break. However you can still contact us via phone during the hours of 7.30am-2pm or email garydeare@aol.com.

Galmpton Post Office
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