Reuse and recycle through the shop

Now that we have relaxed restrictions to allow more than one customer in the shop at a time, we’re encouraging customers to utilise the services in the shop to reuse and recycle where they can.

We offer a range of top-up services for cleaning products in the shop including hand soap, washing up liquid and fabric softener.

The process is simple: purchase your first bottle and once you’ve used it up, bring the bottle back in to top it up again. A member of staff will then scan the relevant barcode depending on the size of bottle. We’re delighted to hear that there are now a number of people in the village who’ve not purchased a new washing up bottle for nearly 2 years.

A recent customer came in to the use the top-up service for the first time last week. Having switched to the Ecover Lemon and Aloe Vera Washing Up Liquid four months ago, she shared her thoughts on using Ecover:

 ‘I’ve found it’s really good value, and a little goes a long way. It’s also really friendly to sensitive skin and doesn’t feel as abrasive as some washing up liquids, without sacrificing the quality and rigorous cleaning of the dishes!’

Alongside our top-up services, you can also find larger quantities of varieties of flour available in brown bags as opposed to plastic ones.

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