Let’s turn the plastic tide

As conservation is a cause close to our heart, throughout 2018 we are attempting to cut down on the use of plastic within Galleon Stores.

Plastic bags will be substituted for a greener alternative and where we can, we will choose suppliers who provide alternatives to plastic packaging.

As a start, in January we replaced our large plastic still water bottles with 1 litre glass bottles. We also introduced Finish Dishwasher tablets – available to purchase for 25p each rather than in a plastic sealed bag – not only are the tablets easier on the environment, they’re cheaper on your pocket too!

Please support us as we make these changes, and keep checking back for updates on your progress as the year continues!


February update:

We’re now stocking CanO Water, 100% recyclable and resealable cans of spring water. Still or Sparkling available in a 330ml can. Find out more about the product here.

April update:

We’re joining the Daily Mail’s national campaign to Turn the Tide on Plastic with The Great Plastic Pick Up. On Sunday 13th May, we’ll be organising our own plastic pick up in our local community. For more information and to get involved, pop in store and speak to us.

July update:

As part of our ongoing mission to ‘Turn the Plastic Tide’, we’ve recently introduced Highland Spring’s new glass bottles in store. There are both Still and Sparkling Spring Water varieties available, in a handy 330ml travel size.

November update:

We’re now recycling ALL plastic packaging from the products we receive in store, through Bookers’ Packaging Recycling scheme. Having obtained a free waste carriers license we’re now able to deposit all plastic packaging at their designated recycling point.


April update:

After lots of research, we are now stocking milk (1 pint) and orange juice in returnable glass bottles.

June update:

We’ve introduced local Langage Farm Farmhouse Yogurts varieties and Les Gourmands Pate, sold in resuable glass jars. In addition, a selection of our bird seed and nuts is now stocked in resealable, reusable (and returnable!) plastic containers.

August update:

We’re now stocking: greeting cards available in compostable packaging, and paper stem cotton buds which are 100% biodegradable environmentally friendly.

November update:

We’re offering our customers a free trial of Delphis Eco multi-purpose cleaner, in the hopes of being able to introduce a top-up service for liquid cleaners in the near future. More information available here.

December update:

We’re now selling beeswax, which can be purchased by customers to make their own natural, reusable wraps; or homemade candles, soaps and cosmetics, wood polish etc.

We’ve also introduced Alter/Native soaps which are plastic free, vegan and cruelty free.


March update:

All plastic packaging from new Galleon Stores branded products (including dried fruit, nuts and seeds, herbs and spices, confectionary – organic or not) can now be recycled in store via our dedicated recycling box.

Liquid hand wash is now available as a top-up service, so customers can simply bring in their empty container and refill.

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